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Does your public relations team have a 30-year news veteran on
staff that really knows how a newsroom works?

How are the decisions made to cover a story?

When is the best time to hold a press conference?

Where should you have it?

How do you get the media interested and get them to attend?

Let’s face it, thousands of press releases are issued every day and most are dumped in the trash.
Don’t let your story wind up in the recycle bin. Don Armstrong Media Services can help you get
the most out of your hard work by finding the best way to achieve the positive media coverage
you deserve. Don’s turnkey service is uniquely tailored to each event.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time promotion or for a well-versed newsman to work hand in
hand with your marketing/PR firm and offer an experienced third party perspective, Don
Armstrong Media Services brings the experience you’re looking for and results you expect.

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